Do you believe in love at first sight?

Her name is Nova Scotia (though she was born elsewhere).  I met Scotia in 2011 when she visited the GFA Convention with Douglass Scott, the master of her conception.  One glance and a song was all it took.

Now I play spruce.

The day Scotia first sang for me.

 Scotia at GFA 2011

Scotia is a 650mm Scott Concert Classical from luthier Douglass Scott. 


Her soundboard is Spruce from northern Italy with a French polish. 

Back and sides are oil varnished Indian Rosewood. 

The rosette is an imitation of one of Torre's most common themes. 

On Scotia the black is from ebony, maple and yellow cedar create white, and the red is Bloodwood.

 She has a mahogany neck and ebony fingerboard, with Nicolo Alessi tuners.


2013:  Scotia's TV debut!

Scotia at RiverCenter, warming her voice for Columbus State University competition - 2013

Scotia meets two of her younger Scott siblings (both born in 2014),

and their humans, Will Griffin and Robert Thompson (birthdates undisclosed) - 2015



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