I mentioned I played the piano, true?

One of my first public piano performances - 2003

Extra hands for the Columbus State University Philharmonic Orchestra - 2016

 2014-2016 for CSU Dance Conservatory

"The Wedding Singer" - 1985 in 2015

Kennedy Center American Collegiate Theater Festival, Irene Ryan Scholarship Competition - 2015

Christmas 2014 - with Rosetta and the Stones + D-Bone

The musical comedy "First Date" - 2014

2013 Wedding!

In my role of church pianist - 2011

Back in Spokane for MusicFest 2006

2007 was a good year for recitals

One of my last official piano recitals - 2009


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Recurring Events

Trinity Episcopal Church: Vocal Tenor (Scholarship)
Wednesday evenings; Sunday mornings


CSU Dance Conservatory: Rehearsal Pianist
Upper Level Ballet Technique Classes
weekly throughout academic year


CSU Theatre Department: Pianist as needed throughout academic year

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