My first guitar!  An Ovation Applause - November 2002 - from Ovation Guitars


Baby Taylor Koa - 2004 - from Taylor Guitars


SARPA - An Alborada by Eko Guitars, bought from Robert Sharpe in 2007 as a better guitar than Davi.  Sarpa has a Sitka Spruce top, mahogany neck, rosewood back, sides, and fingerboard.

Eko Guitars of Italy  (You have to make your way to the Italian site to find the Alborada.)

 Sarpa at home - 2007

 A trip to compete in Greenville, North Carolina, and a sleepy morning practice for Sarpa - July 2008

On the road again:  Sarpa at the TSU competition - August 2008

One of our last nights together, at home with Sarpa - February 2010  (She left with a student of Robert Sharpe.)


ALEXA - a concert classical from luthier Martin Blackwell. Borrowed with many thanks from Mr. Ron Holcomb in 2010. She has a Red Cedar soundboard with Indian Rosewood back and sides.

Blackwell Guitars

My first trip with Alexa, to Appalachian State University GuitarFest - April 2010

Alexa at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts in Montgomery, Alabama - November 2010

At the RiverCenter for the Performing Arts in Columbus, Georgia - February 2011 (Very soon to return to her owner.)


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Trinity Episcopal Church: Vocal Tenor (Scholarship)
Wednesday evenings; Sunday mornings


CSU Dance Conservatory: Rehearsal Pianist
Upper Level Ballet Technique Classes
weekly throughout academic year


CSU Theatre Department: Pianist as needed throughout academic year

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