Erica is my first commissioned custom-built guitar. She is named for her maker: Eric Sahlin. Eric has been building guitars in Spokane, WA (USA) since 1975.  I met Eric when I lived in Spokane, between 2002-2005, and I got on his waiting list in 2005. When we came back for a music festival in 2007, we visited his workshop to talk about my future guitar, and while there, he set aside a matched set of Brazilian rosewood back and sides for me. Nine years after I was put on his list, I got the letter saying that he was ready to start building my guitar. I received Erica in the fall of 2014, and she is a beauty.

I was able to visit Eric in the spring of 2014 and see his progress on my guitar!

This rosette is my colour!!

...and there's matching detail in the head.

Note the custom Sahlin ergonomic neck twist.

Happy day!!!  Erica arrives, September 23, 2014

  (And a Hiscox Case, too!)

Erica has a French polished Engelmann spruce top, and a bridge of Indian rosewood.  Her neck is Spanish cedar, with a twist!  The twist provides a great degree of adjustment by allowing different action on bass and treble without tilting the saddle, and is also designed to be more ergonomic for the left hand while playing.


Erica's rosette includes abalone heart, with matching inlays on the head and bridge.


Erica has tuners by Rob Rodgers.


Brazilian rosewood back and sides, with my logo on the heel.

Eric Sahlin can be reached via mail, electronic or paper, at:

13527 S. Traver Lane, Valleyford, WA  99036, USA


Erica's Performance Debut

December 8, 2014

Erica's radio premiere, Nashville Public Radio, May 29, 2015


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