Other musical pleasantries I've engaged in with various instruments over the years...

Playing guitar with the Montgomery Symphony Orchestra for Christmas 2005 (rehearsal and performance)

Led Zeppelin at The Loft - with the CSU Popular Music Ensemble - 2015

With the band LIVE AT FIVE at a beachhouse restaurant in Montgomery - 2015

Renaissance Masque - 2014

Rehearsal with Morihiko Nakahara, Conductor for Spokane Symphony Orchestra performance - 2014

Christmas celebration with my brother on trombone - 2013

Piano for the Pops with brother again - 2013

A sampling of fun stuff in 2012 - with friends on Main Street

With the Prattville Community Chorus - on guitar, keyboard, and percussion

Homeschool Band - keyboard and percussion

Backstage at a talent show - With rap music...

... and bluegrass

Graduation Rehearsal - Beatles and a Sweet Young'un

Duet for trombone and piano

2009 - Duet for clarinet and trombone

Did I mention I sing?  - the Montgomery Youth Chorale in 2009


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Recurring Events

Trinity Episcopal Church: Vocal Tenor (Scholarship)
Wednesday evenings; Sunday mornings


CSU Dance Conservatory: Rehearsal Pianist
Upper Level Ballet Technique Classes
weekly throughout academic year


CSU Theatre Department: Pianist as needed throughout academic year

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