Davi came to me as a gift from a teacher in 2005, and since then she's been a gift to the world. She's my "take anywhere, beat-up" guitar and she's beautiful.

Davi was born in 2002 at Kenny Hill Guitars as #1909, a La Curva Negra. 650mm scale she is, with French polished Englemann spruce soundboard, Indian rosewood back and sides, and an ebony fingerboard upon Spanish cedar neck, with Schaller tuners.  Details remain sketchy of how she later acquired an L.R. Braggs iBeam piezo pickup - Michael Millham's name has been redacted from the official inquiry.  In 2011 I added a Schatten endpin jack preamp at my own secret facility, to satisfy her electro-amplificating desires.


Faculty-Student Mixer 2015

Recording DAVI in 2005

On the road in Nashville - 2006

Ready for the 2007 GCSU Performance Competition (Davi took third place!) 

Davi works for tips - 2011

Singing for elementary school students - Davi in 2012


Davi still makes appearances when she can.


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Recurring Events

Trinity Episcopal Church: Vocal Tenor (Scholarship)
Wednesday evenings; Sunday mornings


CSU Dance Conservatory: Rehearsal Pianist
Upper Level Ballet Technique Classes
weekly throughout academic year


CSU Theatre Department: Pianist as needed throughout academic year

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