Welcome! My name is Katie Holmes, and I am a guitarist, pianist, composer, and occasional vocalist.


I started playing guitar when I was 4, after watching my grandmother taking lessons for a couple months. When she had to go away for a month, my grandma asked the teacher if I could take her lessons instead. The teacher was understandably skeptical, but she let me try lessons just to see what would happen. When my grandma returned, she quickly pronounced me better at guitar than she was, and I've been playing ever since!

Since 2005 I’ve studied privately with Dr. Andrew Zohn at Columbus State University. He has such a grasp of the guitar repertoire that even though he mainly teaches university students, he took me on at 10 years younger than everyone else and was able to find pieces that were engaging to a youngster while still being challenging enough. While I’ve immensely enjoyed the various masterclasses and clinics I’ve taken part in from many excellent guitarists, I’m still very pleased to be getting my undergraduate degree with Dr. Zohn.


Thank you for your interest, and please feel free to contact me!

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Recurring Events

Trinity Episcopal Church: Vocal Tenor (Scholarship)
Wednesday evenings; Sunday mornings


CSU Dance Conservatory: Rehearsal Pianist
Upper Level Ballet Technique Classes
weekly throughout academic year


CSU Theatre Department: Pianist as needed throughout academic year

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